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To provide premium services in launching 14-24 year olds to their greatest potential by impacting them and their influences.



We believe in serving our clients with honesty and confidentiality. We are accountable to various advisors from business people to ministers. 


We take impacting the direction of a person’s life very seriously. We strive to help our clients however we may, cheering them on as they travel their own journeys. If there is a service that we cannot offer our clients, we will refer them to someone who can.


We are zealous about investing in the next generation! Our commitment goes out to any client who has a vested interest in young people. Grandparents, youth pastors, community volunteers, parents, and students alike are among those that we are excited to serve.


We have a positive reputation for investing in the lives of young people. We maintain this standing by giving quality service to our clients. No matter the service, we endeavor for client satisfaction.

Brett’s Bio:

Brett Davis is the President of 4thVector. He coaches the coaches and clients alike. 

For over a decade Brett has been working with middle school, high school, and college students. He has coached high school and college students for 8 years. Brett’s flare for training, equipping, and consulting has led him to join forces with 2 school systems and 6 non-profits. 

Brett graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Speech Communication. He holds over 20 speaking awards and is an officer with Toastmasters International. His speaking engagements have booked him to speak in 6 states and 3 countries. Brett is also a member of the Georgia Speaker’s Bureau.

Besides speaking, Brett has written custom curriculum, leader’s guides, and numerous instructional pieces dedicated toward helping young people succeed.

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