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Here's what others are saying about Brett and 4thVector:


Brett Davis is truly an enigma! I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brett for several years. He offers an innate ability to accurately evaluate, project, and implement a very well balanced plan for the students he serves! Brett's professionalism, compassion and consistency are the essential ingredients that have forever impacted my life and have made crucial, healthy changes in countless others.
Rob Franklin
Concours Exteriors

Brett Davis is passionate about seeing others excel! He has the unique ability to establish an environment of trust at the first moment of contact and builds on that foundation to move others to a higher level of confidence and purpose.
Scott Harrison
Vice President
Consumer product industry

I have known Brett Davis for several years and find him to be a gifted mentor and coach to both young and old alike. Kids can always count on Brett to give them direct and honest feedback on their daily life struggles and on life changing events. I am happy to know that Brett and his organization are there for me and I would entrust my children to Brett and 4thVector’s coaching programs without reservation.
Randy Birchfield
Vice President, Product Development/Actuarial Service
American International Group

Brett Davis offers a rare combination of connecting with young adults in an authentic manner and prompting them to hit their potential. Brett WILL help your young adult make a significant, positive life-change.
Brad Leeper
Senior Stewardship Strategist

My kids were excited to spend time with Brett. He went to great lengths to show his commitment to their success. I know that their lives have been impacted forever.
Bob Cross
Director of Government Reimbursement
Piedmont Health Care

As I have watched Brett work with my son and countless others, I am convinced that he is the Pied Piper of this generation. He has an innate ability to build rapport, issue challenges, and get results like no other.
Gordon Lawrence
Lawrence Design Group

Brett Davis is lighting a beacon in a world that is full of mixed messages and confusion in the hearts and minds of young people. As a speaker, Brett’s straightforward approach grabs the attention of youth even from the moment he walks on to the stage. As a teen motivator, Brett provides practical advice with a no – nonsense attitude which teens gravitate toward. His “Take Your Hill” campaign is fresh, cool, and resonates well with the teen community. When it comes to motivational speaking and character building, Brett Davis is second to none!
Jeff McCammon
Mathematics Department Chair
Heritage High School

Brett Davis is well prepared as a great encouragement, role model and positive re-enforcement in the lives of teen boys.  I recommend Brett with the highest recommendation possible.
Reverend Matt Brinkley
Nextgen Director- Perimeter Church
Director PACT Ministry

Never has any author, teacher, or minister impacted me as much as Brett Davis. His passion is inspiring, and his authenticity unmatched. When he speaks, he communicates heartfelt truth that he, himself, has painfully struggled through. He NEVER offers the easy answer or empty theology.  Everything he proposes is challenging and life-changing. 
Steve W.
Senior, University of Georgia

Even when Brett's saying something that may be challenging and hard to take, I always know that he says it in my best interest, because he cares about me as a person. He's challenging and caring at the same time, which is a refreshing combination.
High School Senior

Brett Davis was able to challenge my kids to think for themselves. We are so thankful for all he has done for our family. My husband and I respect Brett's high standards and his ability to see the kid's problems. He challenged them to improve in a way a teen can understand.
Mother of 2

There are hardly enough words to explain how Brett has impacted my life. He guided me through his sincere friendship and willingness to listen and understand. He always reminded me that "he was committed to my success.” He helped me through tough times when I didn't have any hope. He helped me discover my passions and abilities as a leader, and he taught me what it means to live and have fun doing it!
Katy F
Freshman, Baylor University

Brett's awesome. He makes everything more fun. You could be sitting in traffic for two hours, but if you're with Brett, you're having fun. He really knows how to connect with people.
High School Junior

Knowing that Brett was working with my kids made me feel at ease. He pursued a genuine relationship, came alongside our family, and spoke to my kids on their level!
Mother of 3

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